About Us...we are more than apparel...we are a philosophy


What does it mean to "shred the gnar"....

To "shred the gnar" means to not be afraid to cut through the challenges life throws your way. Whether it is on a mountain, in the water, or on the street...shredding the gnar is about getting through the rough stuff like a boss and coming out on top.


What we believe....

We believe in facing obstacles with determination and character. We believe in the freedom to express yourself. Be original. Be you and don't let anyone steal your shine. We don't quit. We get up and shred through life. We understand about all the "gnarly" stuff life can throw your way... but we believe that even though those moments may scare you... in the end it helps you grow and realize how incredibly strong you are.


Our Gnarly Family Values...

Our Gnarly family never stops, always goes big, accepts the reality that anything is possible through a proper mindset. We are innovative. We are creative. We are leaders that encourage community. We stay gold. We get uncomfortable. We get dirty, We get out there and we grow.